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TEXAS projects

Texas Live Entertainment & Hotel:

Location : Arlington , Texas

Project Scope: :     Entertainment Venue :   Interior Tile/stone Flooring and Brick Veneer

Lowe’s Hotel :   Guest room Flooring & wall tiles including Showers , Lobby Tile & Stone Flooring & Counter tops , Public Rest room Floor & Wall tiles , Vanity Tops

Both Entertainment Venue and Lowe’s Hotel were Opened to public on schedule , Sigma completed in a very tight time frame around the clock to make this happen.







Fountain Place:

Location : Dallas , Texas

Project Scope: : Sigma executed installing a stunning 7000 sqft of 4cm thick ARISTON v (from Greece)  stone wall & 10000 sqft of 3cm Luna pearl Honed flooring material ( big panel sizes of 72 “ x 24”) @ Ground floor entrance Grand Lobby. Sigma took client and GC to view and approved slabs range for the stone and had a full time inspector in Greece to supervise and send photos of production.


American Airlines:

Location : Fort Worth, Texas

Project Scope: There were a number of buildings on the campus that we worked in, including the buildings 1 through 6, east and west connectors, and amenities.  We installed ceramic tile floors and walls in all the restrooms throughout the core and shell and TI spaces.  The kitchen and servery areas included numerous high end mosaic tiles.   Over 30,000 SF of tile was installed in all.  In the amenities building we also provided a majority of the solid surface and natural stone countertops.

Sigma Terrazzo was also involved on the projects installing a microcrete floor throughout many of the common areas, including the main headquarters lobby.  Also, custom made terrazzo stair treads in the grand staircase in the main lobby of the executive building.





Winspear Opera House:

Location : Dallas, Texas

Project Scope: Sigma did all of the stone work in the stunning lobby area of the Opera House including the eye catching staircases, considered to be the centerpiece feature. The product used was a volcanic stone from Italy. Sigma took the design team on the job to Italy to inspect and choose this stone specifically for this unique interior.



AT&T Stadium:

Location : Arlington, Texas

Project Scope: Sigma worked on areas in the interior and on the exterior of the exquisite AT&T stadium. The suites within the stadium were all finished with various stone and tile. Also, many of the stone interior finishings throughout other parts on the venue were done by Sigma. On the exterior, Sigma did the granite and limestone pavers and multiple other fountains and decorative structures around the monumental stadium.



The Ritz-Carlton Hotel:

Location : Dallas, Texas

Project Scope: Sigma did all of the beautiful interior tile and stone seen within the Ritz hotel, including the lobby, spa, and the hotel's restaurant. Sigma also did all of the condominiums finished out in stunning stone, tile, and counter tops.



The Gaylord Texan Resort & Convention Center:

Location : Grapevine, Texas

Project Scope:

Sigma did all of the stone in the interior public areas and lobby of the grandiose Gaylord Resort and Convention Center. Much of the unique stone seen in the lobby areas was sourced from locations in the Middle East and Spain.



Dallas Fort-Worth Airport Terminal D:

Location : Dallas, Texas

Project Scope: Sigma completed all of the interior tile and stone in this airport terminal. The work included mostly the floors and walls in the public areas as well as the bathrooms. What made this job unique was a new porcelain tile product Sigma used that is 1/8th of an inch thick and was applied on many of the vertical spaces on the job.



Pricewaterhouse Coopers Office:

Location : Dallas, Texas

Project Scope: Sigma did all of the ceramic tile, stone, and counter tops seen within this vibrant, multilevel office in downtown Dallas. There were many unique materials utilized in this job, such as 3D metal tiles used to create impeccable accent walls.




Location : Plano, Texas

Project Scope: Sigma did all of the stone in this hotel's sleek and memorable lobby. Stunning stone walls, floors and staircases were created using limestone from Europe. Sigma also did all of the ceramic tile and counter tops in the hotel's guest rooms.



Ewing Mercedes:

Location : Plano, Texas

Project Scope: Sigma was responsible for all of the porcelain tile floors in the Mercedes showroom. In the service bays, a specialty tile, sourced from Germany, was used to create a sleek, durable, and highly functional space.



Irving Convention Center Westin HOTEL:

Location : Plano, Texas

Project Scope: In this hotel, Sigma finished the lobby in porcelain tile, with quartz walls and counter tops at the reception desk. Multiple specialty tiles were used throughout the lobby facilities to create distinguished spaces for guests to enjoy.




Location : Dallas Texas

Project Scope: Sigma finished out this elegant law office with white marble walls and counter tops that give the space a classic, but modern feel.



North Richland Hills County Courthouse:

Location : Plano, Texas

Project Scope: In this courthouse, Sigma finished the lobby out with porcelain tile, including the center piece elevator shaft surround by a wrap around staircase. Sigma also did all of the stone and counter tops within the courtrooms and restrooms.



Thanksgiving Tower:

Location : Dallas, Texas

Project Scope: Creating the exquisite stone work seen in this private office required expert coordination between designers, architects, suppliers, and the general contractor. This collaboration along with specialized fabrication on the part of Sigma resulted in a sleek and modern space.



Jackson Walker Law Office:

Location: Dallas, Texas

Project Scope: This high end law office was finished out with a beautiful book-matched silver travertine wall, accompanied with a stunning black marble at the reception that created a very modern look.



Park District:

Location : Dallas, Texas

Project Scope: This ground up job in Downtown Dallas constituted of multiple lobbies that were all done by Sigma. The design team, supplier, and Sigma traveled to Colorado to hand select blocks for the floors and walls. Every slab was photographed and from this selection, the architect chose which exact pieces would be used on the job.



McKesson Office:

Location: Irving, Texas

Project Scope: In this office remodel, Sigma did the lobby as well as all of the restrooms and the cafeteria. The job required the use of stone to match the existing lobby, limestone from west Texas to create a beautiful accent wall, and ceramic tile for the restrooms.



The Joule Hotel:

Location : Dallas, Texas

Project Scope: This renovation brought life to a building from the early 20th century. The largest challenge was matching the previously existing marble floor, which was successfully done by sourcing a marble from Tennessee. Sigma also did all of the bathrooms, as well as the later lobby expansion and spa renovation. There was exquisite marble from Italy and Greece used to create this sophisticated space.



One Legacy West:

Location: Plano, Texas

Project Scope: In this ground-up office building, Sigma finished out all of the lobby and restrooms. The lobby floors were made from jet mist granite out of West Virginia. The stunning white walls were created from a white Italian marble.





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